Trauma Informed Programming Development for Youth & Adults

At VJS Consulting we specialize in helping organizations and schools design and develop trauma-informed programming and policies to better support all young people and staff.

Trauma-informed programming development starts with an initial assessment of current policies, practices, activities, interactions and trainings to gage what areas your organization, program or group are already doing that is trauma informed. We then work with you in identifying areas to strengthen including the development of restorative versus traditional punitive policies.

Trauma Informed programming focus on the following six principles:

  1. Trusting Relationships: does your programming create opportunities for people to build trusting relationships?
  2. Trauma Awareness: Does your staff understanding how trauma can impact how people engage and behave in your program/activities
  3. Culture of Self-Care: Does your organization promote a culture where people don’t feel guilty about taking care of themselves?
  4. Safety: In which ways do you assess for physical and emotional safety, as well as how you can help create a safe space in your program.
  5. Expectations: Do the people participating in your program know what to expect or is it something different every week? Are there rituals or routines within your program, organization or group?
  6. Culture & Equity: Does your programming, organization or group understand and or know the audience(s) it is serving? Does your programming reflect the people it is serving? How does your organization honor diversity? How do people access your services? What policies create challenges? What policies create opportunities?
  7. Restorative Justice Does your program offer opportunities to repair any harms done? Does the program provide opportunities for leadership?


Why incorporate trauma informed practices and principles in my program?

This universal approach takes into account that people at all ages benefit from spaces that are safe, predictable, and an understanding that people carry a variety of experiences and histories. A trauma informed program integrates practices and policies that are fair and just. A trauma informed program understands that harsh discipline and policies that isolate people can re-traumatize.